quality focused.

ethically grown.

sustainability driven.

Welcome to...

Quality focused.

Ethically grown.

Sustainability driven.

Welcome to...
...Farming with water!

At Big Falls, we excel at raising fish from egg to smolt.

Located along the pristine Black River Lake in the Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia, Big Falls Fish Growers Ltd. is a land-based fish farm. We use a blend of science, technology and our combined 50+ years of industry knowledge to raise high-quality Atlantic Salmon from egg to smolt. Owner operated, our commitment to the local community and sustainability – in terms of environmental, economic, and social factors – is at the core of our success.

We pride ourselves on:
thriving fish health
Certified Disease-free
superior growth rates
extended growing season
outstanding transition success
minimal environmental impact
our barns
our fences
our farmers
our crop
our farm

We’re part of the vital aquaculture industry.

a global market
From Black Rock to Beijing, farmed fish travel the world.
increased demand
50 - 80 million ton projected shortfall  of seafood by 2030.
revenue growth
 $350 million/year in Atlantic Canada + over 4,000 jobs.
ecological imperative
Wild fish stocks are facing continued decline.

Contact us

Big Falls Fish Growers Ltd.
1165 Black River Rd.
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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